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Caring For Your BloKart

Washing Down:

After a day on the beach always remember to rinse your kart & sail with fresh water. This removes the sand & salt which corrodes the frame and stiching. A simple task like this will keep your kart looking good for a much longer time than that of those who don't do it.

Pulley Whips:

Pulley whips can break. If this happens it is possible to do a repair.

By removing the spring clip, sawing off the damaged section, drill a new hole for the spring clip and replace the clip. Please remember if you are racing there is a minimum length of 350mm for performance class.

Down Hauls:

Adjustment of the down haul can make massive changes to your sail shape & therefore your performance. The less tension you place in the down haul the more full your sail becomes. A full sail supplies more power but is less streamlined.

More down haul will produce a flatter sail that in turn will have less power in light winds or at lower speed or but will be smoother through the air.

Blokart produce a performance down haul as an add on. This allows the down haul to be adjusted whilst on the move. 


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Blokart beginners

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UKPPG Powered Paragliding School

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