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This listing is for the Drift X170 Helmet Cam (Non HD)
The Drift Innovation X170 ActionCamera is the best all-around budget helmet cam for filming any extreme sport.Designed to take DVD quality point-of-view photos and videos of all actionsports such as skiing, mountain biking and motorbikes.
The Drift Innovation X170Action Camera is designed for people who want the ruggedness and features of atop end camera but do not want to pay a top end price.
The X170 has more features than any other standard definition point of view camera including:
DVD quality video and 5MP photographs
A 1.5" screen helps you to line up the perfect shot and to playback your video right away Camera can be controlled by a wireless RF remote control
The camera lens can be rotated through 300º to line up your shot
The wide angle lens of 170º will get all the action in your shot
All the mounts that you need are provided,
plus it has a metal 8mm thread.
Can be used with a 12V charger for in-car filming  

The price tag makes it the stand out camera at this price point

Once you set up the camera using the various mounts included, you can rotate the lens to ensure that youhave an upright picture. Now that you're ready to go, strap the remote controlonto your wrist or handlebar; this remote is all that you need to start andstop the video. If your X170 is in photo mode then the remote will take stillsfor you at 5Mp.
  Having a high quality screenon the camera itself gives you the benefits of being able to review your videosright away. If you are in training then you can learn from watching the footagebefore going out again. It's also great fun to show off your videos to yourfriends.

The Action Cameras Bottom Line :
It’s really simple to use and there are a lot of features packed into this camera. If youdon’t need HD this camera is for you.
Alternatively if you are new to actionsports filming and want to get a camera but not spend a lot then this gives yougreat quality, a load of features at a great price.

Drift Innovation X170 Specification:
* High resolution video - 720x480 pixels (Max)
* Photographs - 5MegaPixels
* Wide angle lens - 170°
* Lens can be rotated into position through 300°
* Built-in LCD viewing screen - 1.5”
* Capture photos / videos
* Built-in Microphone
* Speaker for audio playback
* 1/4" (8mm) camera screw thread mount
* User friendly control panel * Expandable memory – SD card (16Gb Max) * Adjustable microphone levels
* Direct to TV AV playback – PAL / NTSC
* Charged by 2x AA batteries
* Can be charged by the 12V cigarette lighter adapter (not included) for in-car / on-board footage
* Radio frequency wireless remote control - 5meter reach (without line-of-sight needed)
* Water resistant
* 1 year manufacturers warranty
* Multilingual Instruction Manual and Menu Settings: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese.

Technical Information:
* Sensor type: CMOS
* Lens angle: 170°
* Built-in Microphone
* Video format: MP4 or MJPEG AVI (user selectable)
* Frames per second: 30 fps
* Video format: 4:3 or 16:9 (user selectable)
* Batteries: 2x 1.5V AA batteries
* It is highly recommended to use Lithium-ion batteries
* Power-Save option saves batteries by powering down the screen
* Built-in memory: 32 MB
* SD memory capacity: Supports memory cards up to 16 GB
 * Video resolution: 720 x 480
* Photo resolution: 5 Megapixel * Exposure: Auto
* LCD screen: 1.5” colour TFT
* Lens focal range: 0.5m to infinity
* Dimensions: Camera - 133 (L) x 50 (D) x 33 (W) mm / Remote Control – 52 (L) x 40 (W) x 13 (D) mm
* Power: Camera - DC 3V, 2x AA batteries (included) / Remote control: DC 3C, 1x CR2032 battery (included)
* RF: Receiver (Camera): 433.92MHz ISM band / Transmitter (Remote): 433.92MHz ISM band
* Weight: Camera - 128g / Remote control - 19g

What Comes in the Box:
* X170 Action Camera
* Remote Control
* Handlebar Grip
* Goggle Mount
* Head Strap
* Helmet Grip
* Universal Clip
* Velcro Strap
* AV Cable for playing back TV
* USB Cable for downloading to your computer
* 2x AA Energizer Lithium Batteries which will last approx 4-5 hours
* Quick Guide to get you started
* Industrial strength sticky pads
* Industrial strength velcro adhesive pad

 R.R.P £129.95 Plus P&P

X170 Helmet Cam "The Perfect Camera For Blokarting"

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