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Blokart Pro - Top of the Range, Fully Stainless Steel Model
Blokart Pro is for ones who want nothing but the best.
With polished stainless steel all-round keeping maintenance to a minimum you can’t help but be the centre of attention wherever you go. This machine is a show stopper.
Includes High Spec. Stainless Steel fittings and a Brushed Finish Floor Pan.
BloKart Pro is supplied with a 3m and/or 4m sail (5 Colour Options Available) with a fibreglass mast.  A carbon mast is available as a accessory.
Chassis: Chassis, Mast Base, Keel, Backrest, Struts
304 Stainless Steel Hand Polished
Chassis Components: Fork, Footbar, Handlebar
304 Stainless Steel
Finish: Chassis Finishing Process
All Polished
Hardware: Pulley Blocks and Downhaul
Ronstan® Ball Bearing Blocks, ClamClet® Down Haul
Floor: Material and Coating
304 Stainless Steel

Standard Sail Sizes and Colours Available: 2.0m, 3.0m, 4.0m and 5.5m  - 6 Colours Available

Pro (4m Rig)

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