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The Classic is the entry/level model.

Blokart Classic chassis is made of black powdercoated high strength steel with zinc galvanized / polished fork, footbar and handlebar.
The floor pan is grey powdercoated aluminium.
The Classic is supplied with a 3.0m or 4.0m only black colour sail.
Chassis: Chassis, Mast Base, Keel, Backrest, Struts High Strength Steel
Chassis Components: Fork, Footbar, Handlebar, High Strength Steel Electro Galvanized
Finish: Chassis Finishing Process, Matt Black Powder Coated
Hardware: Pulley Blocks and Downhaul Ronstan® Basic Blocks, Ronstan® Basic Down Haul
Floor: Material and Coating Aluminium Grey Powder Coated
Standard Sail: Size and Colour 3.0m or 4.0m Black Only
Please ensure that you supply your Full Name, Tel No, Email and Address at Checkout

Classic (5.5m Rig)

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